Why should you consider advertising in The Global Yorkshire Terrier Magazine?

Every new issue is announced via email to over 2100 unique, breed-related email addresses, and counting. In addition to Yorkie Fanciers across the globe, the notification also goes out to every AKC licensed Yorkie and Toy Group judge with a posted email address. Our contact database is regularly updated with any new, approved judges. The online publications (both past and present) are available 24/7.
Your ad will always be a mouse click away!

WE NO LONGER OFFER SUBSCRIPTION to our printed copy! Click HERE to read more.


Prices (all pages in TGYTM are printed in color)


Cover Page

The cover price includes cover and the two first pages in the magazine for $170.
The cover photo with the dog’s call name will appear in the notification email that is sent out to global Yorkie fanciers and AKC judges when new issue comes out.
In an effort to keep this publication to the highest echelon of quality, The Global Yorkshire Terrier Magazine retains the right to refuse cover images that are blurry, pixelated, dark, busy or simply unpleasing to the eye. When submitting your cover photo, please keep in mind that this particular image will be seen by over 10,000 people so it is worth to take your dog to professional photographer or work your magic and do it yourself.
There is a waiting list for the cover so plan ahead and email us to get your dog on the list. At that time, a non-refundable deposit of $70 is required to hold your spot. .


Page Specifications

Each page is 8.5” wide by 11” high and must be submitted at 300 dpi or higher.
If submitting an ad that is ready for print (finished layout), please ad ½” bleed all around.
We accept following formats: JPG and flattened PDF with embedded text fonts.


Layout design is included in the price.




With lower resolution images, although they look good on screen, they end up looking pixelated or/and off color in the print. Screen resolution is 72 pixels- or dots-per-inch (dpi) but print resolution is 300 dpi. Therefore, when selecting images for your ad, they should be at least 300 dpi to ensure a quality print out.
As a test to see if your images will look good in print, open image on your computer screen and zoom in to 100%.
If the images still look crisp then, they will look good in your printed copy. On the other hand, if they look pixelated (like they are made up of little blocks of color, grainy or smudged) then your image is too low res, and will end up looking fuzzy in your final printed copy.